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CABRILOG: committed to enrich the mathematics learning experience

The CABRI Software project originated in a world renowned French research laboratory in the early 1980s. After global expansion within the education sector and a successful integration of Cabri interactive modules in Texas Instruments graphing calculators, the CABRILOG company was founded in 2000 by JM and Colette Laborde.

Since then, the CABRI software portfolio has expanded to address all K-12 needs for teaching and learning 2D/3D mathematics in an effective way, with strong interactivity and engagement from students. More than 20 Ministries of Education around the world have deployed CABRI math solutions. Text book publishers, interactive whiteboard leaders and VLE providers also use CABRI to add interactive value to their educational solutions.

The CABRI solutions are composed of:

  1. Interactive activities that engage students through manipulation, construction and problem solving;
  2. Authoring software environments that enable teachers/students to easily modify the activities and create new ones;
  3. Support and training from CABRILOG to optimize pedagogical results at district or state level.