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Flink Learning

Maestro Learning, Inc., an educational technology company, was incorporated in 1999 as a successor company to Intentional Educations, one of the country’s oldest developers of educational print material and educational software. For more than twenty years Intentional Educations successfully developed dozens of print materials, from basal textbooks to educational activity books for parents, and hundreds of software products.

From the bestselling Bank Street Writer – more than one-million units sold! – to instructional products for kindergarten to college-age software programs, Intentional Educations worked with more than 95 educational and consumer publishers, such as Houghton Mifflin, IBM, Tom Snyder Productions, Discovery Channel, Scholastic, Broderbund, and The Learning Company.

Maestro Learning’s flagship product is Flink Learning, an online subscription with 1,000s of online learning activities and a tool teachers and parents can use to create and share their own online learning activities with no programming required (or even allowed).