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Founded in 2003, Cambridge-Hitachi is the result of a joint venture between Cambridge University Press and Hitachi Software Engineering. The company combines Cambridge's long history of producing quality education and English language teaching resources and Hitachi's expertise and innovation in technology to produce a range of primary software developed with the changing needs of today's primary school teachers in mind. Cambridge-Hitachi is committed to innovation in e-learning and sees information and communication technologies as powerful tools to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. Cambridge-Hitachi publishes CD-ROMs and content available for use in MLE and VLE learning environments.

Tips for Using Resources

Learning objects have various images and pop-ups to introduce the subject and feature full animations to help understand the main activity – for example how air pollution causes rainfall. A review section features questions the teacher can use as a follow-up to the main activity.

Subject Categories

  • Science Key Stage 4