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Welcome to the Global Grid for Learning Library

All Your Digital Content Needs in One Place

Welcome to the GGfL Library, a safe and reliable way to search, stream and download high quality and copyright-cleared learning resources from trusted content providers.

You can use the search facility to explore a large part of our content service from this page. To get started just type one or two keywords into the search box to the left and click 'Go'. You can narrow your results by clicking on the filters in the left-hand navigation panel. Until you have registered you won't be able to access the content, just see some of what's held in our service.

If you want to gain access to thousands of items of free educational content you will need to 'Register' (it's free!). Registering will unlock over 35,000 items of free resources from distinguished content providers like NASA and the Hutchinson Encyclopaedia.

For access to the growing bank of over two million resources in our premium library service, you will first need to take out a full subscription. To find out more, please email us at sales@globalgridforlearning.com.

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GGFL Library Windows 8 & 8.1 Apps

The GGfL Windows 8 & 8.1 Apps are free for you to download (available from Microsoft's Windows 8 Store under "Education") and will enable you to preview, download and share resources from the GGfL Library via your Windows 8 environment.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Cambridge University Press publishes a range of dictionaries for learners of English all around the world. You can freely search the following dictionaries in GGFL:
- Advanced Learner’s dictionary
- Learner’s dictionary
- Bilingual English-Turkish dictionary
- Business English dictionary
- American English dictionary

Mary Evans Picture Library

Mary Evans Picture Library has been the UK's leading supplier of historical, vintage and heritage images for almost 50 years. The collection specialises in pictures of the past in the very broadest sense, from prehistoric dinosaurs to the 1970s. Drawing from a rich and varied resource, our collection is comprised of photographs, prints, ... Read more...


CABRILOG: committed to enrich the mathematics learning experience. The CABRI Software project originated in a world renowned French research laboratory in the early 1980s. After global expansion within the education sector and a successful integration of Cabri interactive modules in Texas Instruments graphing calculators, the CABRILOG company was ... Read more...

The Office2010 Add-in

This tool, developed in partnership with Microsoft, is free for you to use and will enable you to integrate the GGfL service inside Word and PowerPoint in Microsoft Office 2010/Office365.


This tool provides access to a range of atlas services including topographical, geographical, geological and data layers which support the study of geography and earth sciences.

Flink Learning

Maestro Learning, Inc., an educational technology company, was incorporated in 1999 as a successor company to Intentional Educations, one of the country's oldest developers of educational print material and educational software. For more than twenty years Intentional Educations successfully developed dozens of print materials, from basal ... Read more...


Mirrorpix is the syndication and licensing arm of Mirror Group, offering unrivalled access to an incredible and unique collection of archive and contemporary images and illustrations spanning more than a century of British and world history. Since 1903 our photographers have documented the changing face of Britain, capturing the events, ... Read more...